Heatshrinkin’ Da Pack, and Other Sunday Morning Funs


Well, mostly just heat-shrinking funs.  Anyway, this took more time than soldering the 240 or so cells…  who knew?

I’m using the 100mm diameter Turnigy tubing from HobbyKing, and even with the $30 shipping it was cheaper than industrial suppliers.  I ran some braid on top of the solders to beef up the ampacity (my favorite made-up EE word) but I think I screwed up.  I want to pull one of the conductors off the opposite side, so the cells stay balanced.  No worries, that’s an easy change.  I think.

Here”s one 10-cell, 3.4V 23AH module:


The finished pile:


…and likely the configuration I’ll be putting together for my battery trays – one on the bottom and one in the belly, just like the CALBs I’m running now, but smaller:


update: Here’s the pack with the pos/neg leads swapped to opposite sides:


Here’s what the CALBs look like now:


So, now, what to do with the CALBs?  Mayhap, a little boat project?


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