Brammo eCruiser, ENT (scooter thing)? wuuuut?

Screen shot 2014-09-22 at 9.50.59 AM

Never one to shy away from feeding the internet rumor mill, I was shown this site this morning: EarlyShares’ Brammo page.  Right?  Then I scrolled down and this caught my eye:

Screen shot 2014-09-22 at 9.50.59 AM

Yeah, that coffee I spilled on the keyboard will clean right up, no problem.  (Edit: Don’t look for it there anymore – it’s been pulled.)

EarlyShares is apparently an investor-centric crowdfunding site run out of FL. Via the Miami Herald, CEO Joanna Schwartz describes it as “an equity crowdfunding platform that connects investors and opportunities, her vision and crowdfunding”.

Here’s how it works: EarlyShares first puts the company raising money through due diligence. Once vetted, EarlyShares helps the company set up the campaign and handles the administration and documentation, and assists with marketing. Companies get a dashboard to monitor and manage the campaign, saving time and eliminating back-and-forth emails with potential investors.

Visitors to see minimal information about the deals, such as how much the company wants to raise, minimum investment and some basic facts about the company and management team. Accredited investors interested in a deal must request an invitation to see the full deal details, including the business plan and financials. Investors also are vetted, and the companies seeking funding decide whether to grant access; they can also turn down an accredited investor at any point in the process.

So, a whole lot of emphasis on the powertrain stuff from Brammo, not so much on the motorcycles.

Brammo’s business model primarily builds on continuous innovation, manufacturing and licensing of our intellectual property.

Our battery technology, commercialized under the name BrammoPower™, is at the forefront of the electric vehicle industry and we are in the process of multiplying the number of applications across different chassis. Our strategy is to incorporate our battery technology in two- and four-wheel vehicles under Brammo’s name or through direct licensing with other OEMs around the world.

Our overall business model strategy is to sustain breakthrough innovation to drive increasing return to scale on our intellectual property.

Whatever.  But wait.  The Brammo eCruiser?  the ENT?  Merely window-dressing, or real things?  Do tell…  And is it me, or does that eCruiser thing look a lot like a certain inspired bit of work out of Nevada?

(Shoutout to Mike for the gossip tip!)


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