Memorable Quotes from the Interwebs


Just a couple of quotes out of some messages I got recently.  Cracked me up.

“I rarely check in. I have been designing power electronics for 35 years and get pretty tired of a certain young academic blathering on about what he has no clue about…”

…I could have had my cat doing the CTO duties and probably would have ended up with the answers we needed.

There’s another one, but it’s just too rude.  Yeah, even for me.

Lesson learned.  In the wonderful world of the interwebs, lots of people try to look like gurus.  The yardstick I use?  Let’s see what you’ve done.  These are only two instances where actual experience trumps theoretical advice, but there are tons out there.  They also happen to be a couple of instances where my BS meter was hitting “TILT”, and here I was trying to be all generous and stuff.  It’s hard to sort out the good advice from the posturing and the incessant “typing yourself smart”, and if you miss the mark it can lead to some very costly mistakes.  The worst of it is, when you’re trying to learn, you can’t just blanket-dismiss or accept advice based on what you think they know.  They may actually say something smart.

The funny part is, the more experience someone has, the more they tend to not care if people consider them a “guru” or not.

I get slapped all the time for what sounds like calling people out, simply because there’s no real polite way to ask, “What exactly have you actually built?”, and I kind of stopped doing it.  The people who’ve actually done a lot seem generally more than happy to talk about the stuff they’ve done, though, and the ones who are posers?  They’re the ones who get pissed off at the question.

That’ll teach me.  Never underestimate the sage words of this woman:

And no, I have no idea why I like the shot of the kid with the bacon for this post.  But I do.  Carry on.



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