Brutus. Full Throttle (and Amps and Volts)

Screen shot 2014-08-21 at 4.35.43 PM

OK.  I’m going to sound like a bitch, but yeah, Brutus won it’s class at Pikes Peak, but I couldn’t help but feel like it was a little, well, ragged.  Then I saw this, yesterday, on LiveLeaks:  “My Electric Motorcycle Breaks Traction and Pulls 192mph on the Dyno“.

Here’s some essplain:

Got the bike back together to see If I got some of the bugs worked out from the initial set up we had after the build and race up Pikes Peak. Today we took the bike back to the dyno and it is finally making the power it should have for the race!

In the beginning it breaks traction so bad he has to abort the first run. After some throttle modulation Steve was able to get some really good passes in. The bike still has some more speed in it but during this session it simply ran out of gearing, time to put the high speed set in and see what The bikes true max speed is 🙂

On the dyno 90hp@140mph and a top speed run up to 192mph @7500rpm and still 70hp to the rear wheel. We don’t have a tach lead hook-up and there are no spark plugs so accurate torque is not available but it is over 200ftlbs at this point by some rough calculations.

That photo above?  That’s a very happy Chris Bell.  So yeah.  I’m going to read between the lines and guess there may have been a battery/BMS issue that needed sorting, and they may have run a bit half-assed just to make it to the finish line.  My ten bucks says the bike’s going on a little diet too.  Stay tuned!

Brutus Motorcycles’ site is here, for more info.



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