MotoE: the Stealth Series

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I thought I’d have a proper release about the MotoE series, but between the CRP Energica pieces, which I’m still not finished with, and, oh, life, it kind of slipped through the cracks.  Of course, it wasn’t helped by the almost complete radio silence, but hey.  Putting a race series together is a lot of work, and bootstrapping it is even more.  They just had their big announcement, and their first races at Assen (the host of the Dutch TT) this past few days.

To learn a bit more about MotoE, go to their home page, here.  Their “News” page is kind of a blog, and actually has some of the race results.  The do actually have a schedule, too.  Here’s that information:

  • 26-29 June:  official launch at the Goodwood Fesitval of Speed  (UK)
  • 8-10 August:   Assen TT Circuit  – Superbike IDM  (NL)
  • 15-17 August :  Anglesey Circuit – (UK)
  • 19-21 September:   Hockenheim – Superbike IDM  (GER)
  • 27-28 September:   Donington Park National  – Thundersport GB (UK)
  • TBC:   FIM Europe Championship Final.

 The link to the Calendar page is here: Provisional Calendar

…aaaand, the results from the Assen race:

Screen shot 2014-08-10 at 6.32.16 AM

(Click the graphic for the full-size version.)

The results in future will hopefully continue be posted to the Results page, here.

Their Facebook page is here, where you can see a few of the teams posting stuff, and if you “Follow” them will see photos show up in your feed.  There’s a good bit of stuff here, in their FB album too, which I’ve culled my favorites from.  Here you go, and don’t miss the great shot of Jeremiah Johnson trying to recover from his jet lag.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There’s more.  I just heard from Rupal Patel, the driving force behind the series (and, by the way, in my humble opinion the driving force behind TTXGP), and she sent me these EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS!!!  :

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(Photos via MotoE: © Wu Jian and Mathias Moller, 2014, All Rights Reserved)

Also, some nicely done, pretty amusing, very “real” videos:

You know, this makes me think of a couple of things, in the recesses of my experience organizing events like this.  First, there’s all the work we did last year to re-boot the Mt Washington Auto Road ALT E Summit.  Hell, last summer we didn’t even have a website, but we still got a great turnout and a really fun event.  Part of the fun was that it was small, and we didn’t even know if it was going to really happen – so you’re walking around with this glow, thinking, hey.  We did it.  The other thing was a century bike ride – a fundraiser – that I put together.  The first year we had 8 riders, and it exploded to huge proportions in only 3 years.  There was nothing more fun than that first year’s ride – me, and 7 other guys I was able to sandbag into joining me.

So yeah, kind of lame communication, but an actual race, with competitors from all over the place, and I’m sure some poignant milestones achieved.  Hopefully, this will be the start of an actual electric race series that attracts a good grid, some major teams, and we see some spectators and press.

Congrats, guys – but next time get me on the mailing list, huh?


2 responses to “MotoE: the Stealth Series

  1. From little things, big things grow. Great to see Europe has an all electric series running again. It’s really amazing we’ve had the eFXC in Australia running each year since 2011, despite the small number of bikes. But it’s gotta start somewhere!


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