Mt Washington ALT Energy Summit 2014: Spooling Up!


Yes, yes yes!  It’s been almost a whole year, and it’s time once again to tool up for the Mt Washington Auto Road ALT Energy Summit!

We’ve got some plans in store for this year – we’re working out the details for a few workshops and presentations, like “Real-world EV Ownership”, “DIY Solar EV Charging”, “Getting a Charging Station in Your Community”, and more like that.  We’re working to get more of the public to come, and to welcome visitors to the Auto Road to stop in and see what we’re up to.  But here’s the Big Deal:

We want to get into the record books with this one.

We’re aiming to make this the biggest EV and Alternative Fuel gathering of vehicles in the Northeast, at least.  If not the East Coast.  If not…  well…  you get the idea.

Go over to the Alt Energy Summit site, here, and take a look at the schedule – and stop by the Registration page if you’re coming, here.

Hope to see you there!



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