The Electric Garage: Hugues Laliberte’s e-Cruiser


Yeah, it’s been a while since the last Electric Garage post, but I’m at the mercy of you bitches out there in your garages drinking beer instead of wrenching.  This bike, however, has been about two years in the building, and is absolutely everything.

Here’s another view.


Laliberte showed up on ElMoto a while back, and had plans to build this beast without so much as a motorcycle license in his pocket.  One guy even went off on him on how building a bike like this was insane.  Not that I don’t agree, but it’s the most delicious sort of insanity.

Here are some of the specs:

Weight – 660 lbs excluding driver
Motor – HPEVS AC-20 , 67 hp, 73 ft-lbs torque, gear ratio 6:1 so 438 on the wheel
Battery pack – 28 GBS 100Ah cells (10 kwh), 96 V
Range – about 90 miles at speed below 50 mph
Controller – Curtis 1238-7601
Max speed – 82 mph (geared like this, although could do more)

Price – too much 🙂

The bike is fully registered for road and highway usage, no restriction.

Hugues is living in Switzerland with his wife and 4 kids (“always very supportive during these 2 years spent in the garage, they think it’s a pretty cool bike and are very proud of daddy and are wondering what would be the next crazy idea”), is a Mechanical Engineer, and working for Nestle (food manufacturing, operations management).

The bike frame is made by HPU in Germany, and came from these Vida Loca Choppers, and sports a Marzocchi front end.  Vida Loca built and welded the motor bracket and they have installed the lights and brakes. The body work was done by Biman Bike Concepts and Act Composites.

“I’ve done the rest.”

I asked him about his inspiration and what led him to this madness.  Here’s his response:

It all started with an electric mountain bike I bought in California to commute to work. I’ve then upgraded the bike to the point it was not road legal anymore. As I wanted to ride legally on the road, the next logical step was to build an electric motorbike.

Initially I thought I would stick some batteries inside the engine of a Big Bear chopper. After getting educated by the guys on Elmoto, I quickly realized i would need a bit more batteries than that LOL. I finally chose that frame from HPU because Vida Local had it on hand, so i could measure it and see how many batteries i could put in, plus the large rear wheel and swing arm allowed to fit the AC-20 right in.

So yeah.  A commuter bike, right?

Here are some of his build shots:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All of his stuff is on two threads on ElMoto.  His build thread here, and his riding thread, here.  He’s got a bunch of videos on his YouTube page, here.

And this, my friends, is that old EV grin:




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