2015 Energica Ego vs 2013 Energica Prototype (via Motorcycle.com)

Screen shot 2014-07-26 at 6.28.18 AM

Pardon me while I obsess about the Energica Ego a bit, but hell.  It seems like it’s a bike that I could actually purchase some day, unlike other “production” electric super-motorcycles.  I just saw a great story on Motorcycle.com, with a video that shows some nice footage of the bike cranking through some California twisties, but the thing they detailed there that really interested me was the list of changes between this bike and the prototype ridden and reviewed last summer.  Here is the link, and here is the list:

  • New Vehicle Control Unit.
  • 4.3-inch full-color TFT instrumentation.
  • Four ride modes: Standard, Sport, Eco and Rain.
  • A choice of three levels of regenerative braking and the ability to switch it off.
  • Reverse mode.
  • New engine cases built of cast aluminum.
  • Weight increase by 22 pounds: engine castings (?) and addition of an onboard charger.
  • Swingarm made of a single aluminum casting.
  • Wheelbase increases by 5mm to 57.9 inches.
  • New battery case.
  • Front brake rotor diameters go up by 10mm to a large 330mm.
  • The 240mm rear disc increased by 20mm.
  • Bosch ABS (N/A at present).

Thanks, guys.  These guys continue to impress, with the quality of their understanding…  kind of reminds me of the old Cycle Magazine days. Except for that bit about “engine” castings.

For reference, here’s the video I remember most from last summer – Wes Siler’s on-camera reaction to the bike:

…especially his comparison to the rest of the 600cc sportbike market.



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