Spec Comparison: Energica Ego vs Mission R


Here you go, kids – just in time for the Energica EGO tour (where’s my Mission test ride?) I thought it would be fun to do a spec comparison.  Actually it’s kind of remarkable how these two bikes match up.  There’s some interesting stuff happening with a few things…  for instance, a lower-rated motor on the eCRP bike yet higher torque and top speed.  Less battery capacity, yet much heavier on the Italian bike as well.  mmmm,  curious.

Mission R Energica EGO
120 kw liquid-cooled 3-phase AC induction 100 kW oil-cooled PMAC
Crank: 180 Nm (0 – 6400RPM) 195 Nm (0 – 4700 rpm)
Top Speed
140+ mph (225km/h) Limited at 149 mph (240 km/h)
12 kWh: 490 lbs (222kg) 11.7 kWh – 569 lbs (258 kg)
15 kWh: 510 lbs
17 kWh: 540 lbs
Power Control
InfiniteDrive™ 150 kW motor controller with integrated computer controlled Vehicle Management System: Adjustable throttle mapping regenerative braking remote data acquisition system Multi-map adaptive energy Vehicle Control Unit and power management algorithm: throttle command; chosen engine map; battery status and speed, regenerative engine braking and regenerative electrical brake, interfacing with ABS.
James Parker designed Quad-Element Frame: – Billet aluminum and chrome-moly Frame: Tubular Trellis
Front Suspension
Öhlins 43mm Inverted Fork: – Adjustment for preload, ride height, high and low speed compression and rebound Marzocchi Ø43Mm, Adjustable Rebound And Compression Damping, Spring Preload
– TiN surface treatment, forged aluminum radial caliper mountings
Rear Suspension
– Single-sided billet aluminum swingarm with linear wheelbase/chain adjustment Swingarm: Cast Aluminum
Öhlins: Adjustment for preload, ride height, high and low speed compression and rebound Ohlins, Adjustable Rebound And Compression Damping, Spring Preload
Marchesini forged aluminum 10-spoke Marchesini Forged Aluminum
Front: 3.5″ X 17″ Front: 3.5″ X 17″
Rear: 6.5″ X 17″ Rear: 5.5″ X 17″
Dunlop, Front: 120/70 ZR17, Rear: 190/60 ZR17 Pirelli Diablo Rossoii: Front 120/70 Zr17, Rear: 180/55 Zr17
Front Brake
2 320 mm semi-floating steel discs Brembo, Double Floating Discs, Ø 320Mm, 4 Piston Radial Calipers
2 Brembo M430 Monoblock Radial Caliper
Rear Brake
245 mm stainless rotor Brembo, Single Disc, Ø220mm, 2 Piston Caliper
Brembo 2 piston 34 mm rear caliper ABS: Bosch Switchable
$32,499 (23,800 €) $34,000 (25,000 €)

As usual, the disclaimer – this information is from the respective manufacturer’s websites, and if it’s wrong, blame them, not me. Here are the links: Mission, Energica.

And wow, I must be getting soft…  I just noticed that for other spec matchups I used terms like “Battle” and “Shootout”.  “Comparison”?  What the hell is that?



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