“The Beautiful Elegance of Electromotive Force.” (Chris Jones)


When do I get to buy this guy a beer?  I mean, is that a wonderful phrase or what?

This came from a piece Chris wrote for MCNews.com.au: Once you go electric…   Give it a read.

The sensation of being pinned to the back of the seat, holding onto the reins for dear life as you start to enter warp speed with no sound, spare a bit of chain whir and the wind screaming past your head, is truly something to behold. You can hear the numbers – 400 Nm of torque from 0 rpm, and think you know what it will be like, yet you’re still left with a stupid grin when you actually experience it.


4 responses to ““The Beautiful Elegance of Electromotive Force.” (Chris Jones)

  1. That’s exatcly the experience anyone need to have.
    We have all heard of the “EV grin”, it does exist. Then there is this kind of freedom, teh feeling of flying a few inches above the road.

  2. I agree, there is nothing more exhilarating than the silent rush of power and response of a electric vehicle, without he historical roar of he engine you feel as if your cheating….. Other side of the coin I find shocking, dealers complaining of clueless and non responsive manufacturers. Emails from dealers to manufacturers that go unanswered for over a month, no service manuals or test procedures to solve issues, just throw parts at it and see if it fixes it. Have a dead battery pack, full retail cost of batteries $800, factory quotes $5000 to rebuild what was originally a $3,000 unit? I checked the website for the battery charger manufacturer, source of the failure, they say they are only an OEM supplier and do not have a service department, see you motorcycle manufacturer for charger repair, really? What to you want to bet they can’t repair it either. I haven’t researched the motor controller yet, I’m willing to bet they don’t have support either. State of the art push bike WTF…

  3. Marty, I don’t know what dealer or model of electric motorcycle you are referring to, but I ride a 2013 Zero S with the 660 amp modified controller. I bought the bike from Hollywood Electrics owned by Harlan Flagg. This dealer sells more Zeros than any dealer in the world, and their team is adept in maintaining these bikes in perfect condition, although that seems to be an easy task as the two Zeros I’ve owned have had zero problems. The upgrade was $2,500, but I got at least 40% more power, essentially like getting a new bike for $2,500. My 0-60 time dropped from the stock 4.8 seconds to a blazingly quick 3 seconds flat!

    I’ve never had so much fun riding a motorcycle as this one affords. The bike is only 350 lbs (I got the smaller 8.5 kWh battery). The bike handles beautifully and is arguably the best commuter bike in the world.

    Electric motorcycles will replace all ICE bikes eventually. Riding a gasser after spending a couple of weeks on a well made electric bike makes you realize how old fashioned the loud, smelly and obnoxious bikes are.


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