Big Electric Weekend, Stuff to Watch

It seems like around this time of year there’s a crap-ton of stuff to keep your eye on, EV and electric motorcycle-speaking.  Here’s my watch-list.

First on my docket is the LiveWire tour coming to Boston tomorrow.  My test ride is at 10AM, and I’ve been given permissh from Mr Harley Davidson himself to do some exit interviews with rider reactions.  It’s going to be interesting, I’m sure, based on the comments all over the interwebs.  Want some fun?  Read the comments on the Harley Davidson Facebook page and tell me you think hardcore HD owners are open-minded.

Climb to the Clouds


Next is the Mt Washington Auto Road “Climb to the Clouds” race, that, thanks to Subaru sponsorship has been re-launched (again).  This race pre-dates the Pikes Peak race, is steeper and far more technical – to the point that they won’t allow motorcycles due to pretty much certain tragedy if they did.  There’s one electric car entering, the EVSR team piloted by none other than Tim O’Neil, the 1990 Mt. Washington Hillclimb overall winner and record holder, and I’d hoped to get up there to take some photos, but couldn’t break away.  Read more about that on their page, here.  Make no mistake, this is history being written – the first ever electric race entry.  Follow that action on the Climb to the Clouds Facebook page.

Pike’s Peak


Speaking of Pike’s Peak, that’s happening this weekend too.  There are three electric bikes that I know of:

#64 Jeremiah Johnson (St. Petersburg FL USA)
Electric – Electric Modified: Brutus Electric Motorcycles V2

#39 Yoshihiro Kishimoto (Ichinomiya-City Japan)
Electric – Electric Modified: MIRAI TT ZERO 13 (Pikes Peaks ver, shown above)

#777 Jeff Clark (Los Angeles, CA USA)
Electric – Electric Production: Zero FX

…see InsideEVs for more information.

eFXC 2014


Down in OZ, you have your eFXC in Queensland, where, with any luck, we’ll see Voltron running for the very first time.  He did pass the inspection yesterday, so fingers crossed. There are some shots from their Facebook page as well.  The shot above is Ripperton (the only bike that ran laps yesterday) qualifying for pole position, (photo by Tony Castley).  At last count, you have three contenders, Ripperton, Voltron and Catavolt, with three very different ideas of what it takes to go fast.

Voltron’s Badge of Awesomeness:



Lastly but not leastly, at least on my radar, you have a cryptic, coy post on the MotoE Facebook page (shared from none other than one Rupal Patel’s status):

Screen shot 2014-06-27 at 6.27.37 AM

…which answers one question, maybe, but raises so many more.  Oh, now, please.  Do tell!



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