Harley “Livewire” Tease Photos (not from HD or A&R either)


Via Reddit, something to keep you occupied for the few more hours before the official launch.  My favorite comment so far: “how they gonna make that fart sound?

More gossip:  50 mile range, very much a market research concept prototype.

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Comments?  Well, it’s clearly, to me anyway, a slightly modified Buell frame, with some of that massive diagonal cut out, but a very similar swingarm, belt drive and what’s got to be a Buell exhaust inspired whatever the hell it is in the belly.  My money is on “plastic cover thing”.  I’d even venture to guess it was some awesome concept Buell frame leftover in the parts storage that someone pulled off the shelf for this project.

I’m still having a snark-attack over the movie bike stories, but I’m getting over it.  Now that A&R seems to be getting pissy by early-releasing photos from HD and some specious specs because they weren’t invited to the press embargo, somehow I feel better.  Here.  Here’s the link.

By the way.  Credit where due.  The guys over at VisorDown wrote about the movie-set bike with much the same spin as other, uh, sources…  but with a much more honest angle.  Check it out here.  That story makes me want to sit down and hash out the specifics over a beer, (like, yeah, you’re going to get DOT reflectors on stock from the shelves, and big deal, they left them on, and where did you get that the thing in the belly looks real, but oh, you’re right about the crazy 8-piston brake cylinder stuff…) rather than write a rant about internet rumor-mill-feeding.



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