eGO Scooters, and Important Features of Any Electric Scooter


We got one of these eGO scooters in the shop last week, and I’ve got to say, it’s a pretty impressive scooter, using very high-quality materials and components.  Unlike a lot of commonly available products, it seems like it’s designed to repair, and was intended to last a long, long time.

The scooter has a pretty interesting history.  There’s a convoluted site, but still interesting detailed history of the eGO here, and it seems to have started around ’96.  There apparently were ties to Alabama, where I think they started, and Providence, RI, and then Taiwan.  By 2003, it looks like they were spiraling in for a crater, but seem to have held on until 2011.  Soon thereafter, though, it appeared their parts stock and assets were bought and the brand resurrected.  On their website, they posted this message:

Hello Everyone
As you may or may not know, eGO Vehicles fell on some pretty hard times beginning in 2009. By 2011
the company was nearly defunct. I acquired the business and moved it from Nashville to California with
the intention of doing my best to revive eGO and restart production in the USA.

The last year has been devoted to supporting the eGOs that are in the field with improved spare parts
availability and a new, functioning website. Simultaneously, I am re‐establishing the component supply
chain and rebuilding the core structure which any business requires to prosper.

I am happy to tell you that significant progress has been made, and bodes well for the vehicle you have
come to know and love. Nearly all spare parts are available and the FIRST pre‐production unit has been
assembled in our new facility! This event in the long history of eGO Vehicles (founded around 1999)
signifies a major milestone in the road back to full production and operation of the business. Daily, I am
amazed at the number of e‐mails and phone calls that signifies an enthusiasm for this electric cycle,
especially considering that it has been out of production for about 3 years! This serves to reinforce my
conclusion that this IS a unique and viable product.

Electric transportation is an idea whose time has come and I aim to have THE product for folks to feel
good about “turning the key” again. Stay tuned!

Best wishes
Vince Pacifico
eGO Vehicles, Owner

In the process of getting some information about the bike for the repair, I spoke with Vince, and he’s committed to keeping this machine on the market.  As of late last Fall, he’s shipping new, warranteed, and largely hand-assembled (in the US) scooters through a fast-developing dealer network.

The thing can only be described as “beefy”.  Here’s a look at the motor:


That’s a 24V brushed motor that’s about 4x the size of a standard 24V motor.  The controller, I believe, is upwards of 150A, possibly closer to 250A.  The chassis is solid, welded aluminum.  Here’s almost everything you need to know about it…  click for the full version:

Screen shot 2014-06-16 at 8.03.22 AM

But, wanna see the coolest part about this scooter?  Can you say, “carrying capacity”?  What with all these Kickstarter “cargo scooters” that are really nothing but some design student’s fantasy drawings, this thing is an actual two-wheeled truck.  This is what I’m talkin’ bout:


…the true measure of a scooter’s usefulness.



5 responses to “eGO Scooters, and Important Features of Any Electric Scooter

    • It is legally identified as an “electric assist bicycle without pedals”. No helmet or license was required when I bought mine , but they changed the law in NC, so now it is “No pedals-Yes helmet”

  1. Ego2 classic rider since 2006. runs great mine has 8725 miles plus on it, third set of batteries. I commute 5.7 miles each way for work. Side baskets, front basket. Grocery shopping, etc… I love it. get the Soneil 2412srf external charger. Charges fast and won’t eat up your batteries. Added led bulb to rear headlightheadlight will be led too. I get about 20 miles per charge. Tip – if run out Of “gas” (2 times for me – forgot to charge it), leave on and push it about two blocks. Regen braking gives back enough to go a few more miles at low speed 12-16 mph.


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