MotoE Racing? wuuuut?

Screen shot 2014-06-12 at 5.57.08 AM

Since everybody who’s anybody is on the Facebook now, anything buzzing around seems to come from there.  And this started buzzing around a few weeks ago…  actually, time flies, I think it may have been a month or so ago I first saw mention of this.

So yeah, Moto E Racing on the Facebook.  It looks like it’s just another blog-post-EV-stuff-Facebook page, thus I kind of kept it on my radar and watched it more or less repost news and pieces I’d already seen elsewhere…  It’s really hard to post stuff that’s unique when there are guys like Jeff, from Jeff’s EV Page just killin’ it every morning.    Nobody anywhere posts as much as that guy does.

So, a little combination of boredom and a wee birdy whispering in my ear, and I go on over to the main MotoE Racing site.

What’s this?  A new race series?

Screen shot 2014-06-12 at 6.06.17 AM

Well, now, ain’t this interesting.  Since TTXGP appears to be, at best, adrift in the ether and nobody from “in the know” is talking details about the TTXGP – FIM dysfunction, this would appear to be a Europe – only series with maybe even a decent grid.  It would appear it may even be slated for this season.

Time to do some sniffing around.  I have an inkling as to who may be the driving force behind this, but I’m not going to start spreading internets gossip.

Aw hell.  Why change now?  Here’s a hint.  A simple bit of standard internet searching will tell you things, right?  It’s not gossip if it’s true, right?  …or so I keep telling myself.

Stay tuned.



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