Voltron EVO as Débutant


Here’s a quick update on Chris’ bike – via Endless Sphere – photo by Rodney64.  Last night he had an official launch via his newfound sponsors, and it appears it was a huge turnout.  Here’s his report:

Thanks Rodney – yes it was a massive turn out. I had no idea it would attract this much interest! I guess when you’re sponsor sells his share of a successful pub, he knows how to attract a crowd. Most of the WA racing community were out to see it and were very excited about the future of electric motorsport.

I have to thank Dennis Arsic for organising all of the media exposure we’ve had so far. He sent out press releases and everything – I had no idea he’d gone to such lengths! I’m a bit embarrassed about it really. I hope to return to normal life soon

Congrats, Chris, and I can’t wait to see it running on the track!


Here’s the official invite – which I missed entirely:


…and his announcement on ES:

Dear all,

I would like to encourage all endless-sphere dwellers who hail from the wet coast of Oz to be present at the grand unveiling of my electric superbike, Voltron Evo.

Where: The Bird, 181 William Street, Northbridge – right in the heart of Perth.
When: June 3rd from 6 pm
Why: For me to thank everyone for their support and for you to get pissed.
How: Take the train to the city, cross the horseshoe bridge and you’re practically there.

For anyone who has been following the build thread over the last three years, you’ll know that it’s been a long and expensive road. It’s been an obsession for sure. Skipping two whole seasons so that I can get the ultimate machine ready hasn’t been easy, and it’s been even harder without any real income for the past 18 months. But the truly collaborative spirit of the Endless Sphere has meant that the bike’s progress has been so rapid in the last 6 months, it is finally going to be ready in time for the season.

I have been very fortunate that a friend handed me $7k to build the battery and I have also gained the support of local entrepenur and all-round top bloke Mike O’Hanlon, and his unwavering support for electric motor sport. These two contributions, plus those of our rider, Danny Pottage (who you might remember I was e-scooter racing with) have meant that we’ll be ready and able to kick some serious arse out on the track.

We were meant to be track testing this Saturday but some technical issues have meant it will have to be next weekend.

So come along and check it out, and if you get bored Miss Nude Australia will be on at Xotica across the street


One response to “Voltron EVO as Débutant

  1. Thanks Ted! A great video of the unveiling can be found here:

    I should have thanked everyone there and then, but I was pretty sozzled by the end of the night 🙂


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