Isle of Man Update: Last Day of Practice, Mugen Kicks Butt


Strangely the IOM practice days aren’t getting much coverage anywhere, except for maybe Facebook, but I’m going to throw on a few posts tonight.  The first with the release from the IOMTT press office:

Monday 2nd June 2014

McGuinness Fights back in Mugen TT Zero dual with sensational fastest lap

John McGuinness responded to Bruce Anstey’s fastest electric bike lap ever, clocked yesterday, in stunning fashion with a new fastest lap of his own.  Record laps set in qualifying are classed as unofficial at the TT but no one would bet against the pair being well inside Michael Rutter’s official 2013 lap time in Wednesday’s SES TT Zero race.

McGuinness was quicker by just under four seconds to the first checkpoint at Glen Helen and was faster than Anstey in every sector, eventually recording the first sub 20 minute electric bike lap with an incredible time of 19:35.007 (115.597mph), over twenty seconds ahead of Anstey’s 19:55.221 (113.642mph).

Four other riders – Robert Wilson on Belgian outfit Sarolea, Mark Miller on the Italian backed VercarMoto effort, George Spence on University outfit Kingston and Timothee Monot also took the opportunity to get a lap in ahead of Wednesday’s Race.

So while the rest of the field seems to be stuck in last, and even earlier years’ modes, the Mugen bikes seem to be, finally, earning their money’s worth – what with a Mission drivetrain and a price tag of eleventy million dollas.  And don’t forget this shot on the first day of practice – Anstey’s bike on fire?


(via Moto Elettricheblog)

As I posted earlier, the Buckeye Current team is sitting out today’s practice to doctor on some batteries, and it’s great to see the Sarolea with a respectable showing.

If you want to read more on the relative lap speed of the Mugen compared to gas bike history, check out this great piece on GizMag: Lap records tumble in countdown to 2014 Isle of Man TT Zero Race

In the third session, both Mugen teammates (John McGuiness and Bruce Anstey), broke all previous electric bike records with 115.597 mph and 113.642 mph respectively.

McGuinness’ time beats both the 1980 and 1981 Joey Dunlop lap records set on a Yamaha TZ750 and Honda RSC1000 and represents a 6 mph improvement over the best time last year.

It’s now down to energy management as to how quick the Mugen can go in the race. If it improves 50% as much again over the times posted in Q3, McGuinness or Anstey will reach 1984 levels (Dunlop on a Honda RS500 triple – an identical bike took Freddie Spencer to his first World 500cc title).

Stay tuned!



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