Buckeye Current at the Isle of Man (Update)


Check out the great story on the Ohio State College of Engineering page, here.

Here’s the funny thing I have to keep reminding myself of…  College teams are a very interesting mix of what’s gone before them, and the chemistry of the students that have their hands into it now.  I guess if you follow college sports, this is kind of obvious, but unlike corporate teams, the elements and talent within the team changes year to year, and even semester to semester.  So yeah, it’s a changing landscape, and every season brings a new character of drama and excitement.

Best of all, check out Polina Brodsky talking about the goals for this year’s IOM:

Here’s their report from the IOM:

…It’s great to see so many electrics here. I’ve seen just about everyone around the paddocks or at technical briefing except for the two Brammos.

Our first practice lap starts in about 12 hours. We’re a little nervous to get the bike on the track but Rob is very pleased with its handling and ready to ride. We had quite a scare when one of our buss boards (a large, custom PCB that we have sense wires and buss bars attached to for quick HV bussing) started smoking at 12:30 AM. There was a short in the LV sense wiring that was glowing red but luckily it burned out, didn’t damage the cells, and we were able to jump the burnt traces and make some emergency modifications to sort out the short. Fun never stops, right?

Balancing has been going well. We had a cell low enough where we had to swap in a new module. Luckily that went smoothly and now we are about 3/4 of the way charged and much better balanced. Practice is in 12 hours. Everything is secured, thread-locked, safety wired, and waiting to go. It’s actually kind of awful because I don’t know what to do with myself while we wait. I’m very excited to get going and especially to see the other bikes run. Everyone here is so talented at building these and I’ve just enjoyed walking around and learning from the other teams. There really is nothing like the TT.

… I can’t imagine how amazing this must be.

While you’re at it, check out the Ron Barber interview on Manx TV, here.

Update:  Here’s the latest word on Monday, June 2:

We’ve determined the changes necessary to prevent further damage to the battery pack and are charging and balancing the spare cells to be ready for the TT Zero. In order to prevent any further issues, we’ve decide to not run in the Monday practice lap.

We’ll be ready to go full power in Wednesday’s TT Zero race.




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