Lightning’s Hatfield LS-218 Interview via AU Radio


I like this interview for a couple of reasons.  I always like to hear the way other people describe the electric ride experience differences from gas, and Richard does a great job with a few fine points that sometimes get lost.  Look for a good description of that at 5:20.  I also like the brief explanation of Hatfield’s early experience with electric bikes and batteries.

There are a few things I’m a little confused about, mostly the models and specs they’re talking about based on some emails back in Feb. 2013 where the Lightning boys sent me to the ChargedEVs story here.  At that point they seemed to be talking about their race bike (as for sale), a “commuter bike” that had some fairly unspecified specifications, and a scooter of some sort.  I pressed them on the details, and got crickets (which, at that point, was about the eighth time I got crickets in a response to a question that they didn’t particularly seem to want to answer), so I dropped it (and most all subsequent interest in the bike).

Now, maybe, it seems that yes, they weren’t quite decided on the trajectory at that point, and yes, maybe now they are, and maybe the LS-218 is actually going to go into proper production.  I will say, in spite of my cynicism, Hatfield does seem like a “walk softly/big stick” kind of guy, and him keeping his mouth shut until he knows what he wants to say wouldn’t be out of character.

So here’s hoping.  And yeah, the other point I loved is that the Lightning, compared to the latest $60K-plus Duke is a bargain.




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