Saroléa SP7 Electric Superbike: Debut


Um.  Yeah.  I like it.  It kind of feels like a Norton in some strange way…  gonna have to look at this one a little closer.  It’s one of the first bikes that makes that big, towering block of a battery into a “look”, though.

It seems like Saroléa’s main portal is their Facebook page, here, where you can see a great video of the unveiling.  Which I particularly love because it’s a no-bullshit, two guys in t shirts pulling the cover off their baby.  No babes, no smoke and mirrors, just a real motorcycle.

Screen shot 2014-04-27 at 6.41.41 AM

Saroléa, and let’s be clear, this is really just Saroléa in name only, like today’s “Indian”, was one of the century-old companies that were among the first to start building bicycles and then fitting motors to them.  They suffered during Nazi occupation, and then were ultimately crushed in the early ’60s…  their story reads like Henderson, Indian, Harley and so many others. Saroléa today is more the story of Saroléa Racing, a three-year old company headed by Torsten Robbens.

There was a press release in January that a few people picked up and re-posted, but one of the more interesting stories is on Car News Cafe, here, with some interesting background research on the whole story, including a little info on their rider for the IOM, Robert Wilson.  Plus this interesting comment, especially coming from a die-hard motorsports source:

We are excited to see teams building up around electric motorcycles, and the Isle of Man is one of those few races where the electric drive has carved its teeth of the last few years. As we mentioned in yesterday’s article, the IOM TT is an extremely difficult event where electric motorcycles were not favored. In the Charged movie, you can even hear the first comments when no one believed in it. As the seasons progressed, many warmed up to it, feeling it is now another race with a promising future.

After all, why wouldn’t a motorcycle rider not be attracted to an electric motor’s 100% torque as soon as it spins? If gasoline engines have to continuously be boosted, the reverse is true for electric motorcycles. You have to tone down an electric motor’s wild torque curve to make use of it. What an interesting challenge it is.


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