Tesla Adds Titanium, Says “Nya Nya Nya”

Screen shot 2014-03-28 at 8.01.37 AM

I just love Elon Musk.  I’m going to give Elon Musk the First Annual Electric Chronicles Big Balls Badass Award.

There were a couple of fires, as we all know, and the press jumped all over them.  Yes, yes.  Musk got on and told everyone it was ridiculous, and reassured us all (as if we needed it) that the cars were as safe as any car on the road.  Safer, actually.  This didn’t stop even some EV enthusiasts from trying to make an issue of it.

Well, apparently, he decided they could be safer still.  Like as close to 100% safe as us poor mortals can strive for.  Here’s his comment on the Tesla blog:

… Nonetheless, we felt it was important to bring this risk down to virtually zero to give Model S owners complete peace of mind. Starting with vehicle bodies manufactured as of March 6, all cars have been outfitted with a triple underbody shield. Tesla service will also retrofit the shields, free of charge, to existing cars upon request or as part of a normally scheduled service. …

The best part of the post, which you should treat yourself to reading in entirety, are the high-speed camera clips from under the car – of the car fairly pulverizing some pretty robust projectiles.  Here, enjoy:


Can you Tesla an alternator? 


…how about a block of concrete? 


You can Tesla a trailer hitch for sure!  

My personal favorite is how the alternator gets pretty much vaporized.  And, of course, the irony of a Tesla destroying an alternator.  Get it?

Think that there’s a chance running over crap with a Tesla might replace that blender meme clips thing?  Can you Tesla an iPhone?  Of course you can.

One day, I sincerely want to see clips of Musk behind the scenes, having a cocktail or whatever he enjoys to have, laughing his ass off hatching these capers.  “Oh wait, whut?  I have an idea!  lololol!”



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