Elithion Education Page

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From what I hear, Elithion makes a fine BMS, but their “Education” page is really an amazing collection of resources.  Here’s their main Home page.  What got me to visit again was this white paper on why you want to parallel cells before series-ing them, here.  But what you really need to visit is their main “Education” page here.

There you’ll find one of the most complete collections of resources about just about any aspect of battery technology, and not just a pro-BMS perspective either.  Here’s the TOC:


“Battery Management Systems for Large Lithium-Ion Battery Packs”, 300 pages, Artech House, 2010.

“Short Discharge Time”: Pulse magazine, issue 82, Batteries International, issue 86, EEWEB, Dec 31 2012
“Boeing Dreamliner Li-ion Battery Fire”: EEWEB, Jan 21 2013
Elithion’s blog on timely issues related to Li-ion products and Elithion in particular

“Boeing chief defends use of lithium batteries in grounded 787 planes”: The Guardian, Jan 30 2013
Li-ion BMS

Davide Andrea: Battery Power Conference
2009: Off-the-Shelf Battery Management Systems
2010: Li-Ion Myth-Buster
2012: Connecting Batteries in Parallel: Unexpected Effects And Solutions
Colorado Cleantech Industry Association
2012: Battery Management Systems
Davide presenting at the CCIA

White papers
Li-ion cells
Resistance vs. impedance
Li-ion charging
The 3 charging stages
Charger control
Li-ion balancing
How much balance current is enough?
Dissipative vs non-dissipative (active vs passive) balance
Pre-balancing cells by connecting them in parallel

Ignition switch conundrum
Li-ion cell protection
Mind that BMS: Charging & Discharging limits
Low voltage cut-off: a false sense of security
CCCV chargers: a false sense of security
Li-ion BMS
Estimating the State Of Charge of Li-Ion batteries
BMS chips
Li-ion battery pack design
Short Discharge Time
Cells in parallel
Lots of small cells are better than one big one
Spaghetti? In my battery? Distributed vs. non-distributed BMSs

Video tutorials
Top vs bottom balancing:
Reasons 1 through 4
Reasons 5 through 8
The case for bottom balancing
Three charging stages

Didactic tools
An interactive learning tool to visualize the balancing function.

Now, here’s the most fun part – the “Cell Balance Visualizer”, if you want to try to grasp what a BMS does, and, like me, don’t do the maths very well.  HOURS of fun!

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