The Kynast Elektromofa EMO 374


Kind of a “note to self” for the History project, but this li’l thang came out around 1974 during the fuel crisis.  Via an entry on the EV Album pages, here’s a little description:

1974 EMO 374
Sold 12-2009
Cult electric vehicle of the first hour.

Developed at a time of the first oil crisis in the early 1970s.
The Kynast Elektromofa emo 374

Propelled by a strong Bosch DC motor.

This version has even a motor speed controller and not just the simpler clutch.

25-30 km/h fast,
Autonomy about 25-30 km (manufacturer)

Actual batterypack:
2 strings, Varta NiCd single cells 15 Ah

Can be charged with any 24-volt charger

Tires and Brake cable renewed in 2008.
The rare, intact battery cover is almost intact.

2395 km original,
Key & and the original licensing documents from 1974 exist
Motor Bosch Series Wound DC
Batteries 0.00 Volt,
Top Speed 18 MPH (28 KPH)
Range 18 Miles (28 Kilometers)


Also, a 27-page thread on a German Wind Energy site:

Yes it is installed a Bosch dc motor. The estimates range 500-850 watts.

The speed is at 3000 U / min, ie, relatively slow for a DC motor of this size.

There is only on or off, no control, yet you can be well understood it.

Acceleration is amazing and exceeds that of Bezinmofas. Maximum speed in the plane is currently unfortunately still only 22 to 24 kmh, but I’m working on.

Moreover arise at the front rather small pinion strong rales. I’m not sure if these stem from which the chain is guided quickly to this pinion whether whether the bearing that supports the pinion is defective. Knowing such noises on pinions also on the bike?

Currently I’m experimenting a lot and in the next few weeks I will totally dismantle the thing and replace bad powder coating for a proper paint job. At the end of the moped will look better than new.

Among the German manufacturers who back in the early seventies built an electric moped, this included solo as well as Kynast, Hercules and Zündapp (the latter probably only experimental model) at this SOLO model even from the most successful.

The right obliquely out front fork with the handlebars as inclined conveys a bit of “Chopper Feeling.” After my first test (and after inflating the wheels to nominal pressure of 2.5 “atm”, the power consumption has been reduced slightly. Currently, I consume a little more than 1 Ah per km, the batteries have 44 Ah. course you can the 44 Ah not take full advantage, also because this figure refers to a discharge in 20 hours, and not in about 1 hour, as in the moped operation.

Jacked idle pulling the motor ca . 9.5A me what is still clearly too much. Is there drive chains have particularly good smoothness Perhaps the cyclists know from? us something out, I’m always just moped – moped -. driven motorcycle Regards Bernd



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