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This is so awesome.

For the last two months I’ve been concentrating less on this site and more on ElMoto.net, trying to help the site out by being an active Moderator.  Because basically nobody else does.  Starting around January 15th or so, I went back and pruned some threads, did a little housecleaning, organized information and tried some low-key behind the scenes to keep threads on-topic and informative.  It was kind of fun, most people seemed to be appreciating it, and we picked up some new members doing some pretty cool builds, the likes of which we hadn’t seen there before.  Clearly another level, and with some new perspectives.

Interestingly, some of the new perspectives didn’t sit well with some of the older members.  Also interestingly, those particular members have some fairly limited experience actually building bikes of their own, but lots of experience telling people how to do it online.  …but that’s some Middle School drama I think I’ll leave behind.

Anyway, it was taking around 2-4 hours a day, so, when I kind of got to the point where it got to where I wanted it to be going I decided to step down to pursue other things.  (What?  I have other interests?  …a life?  …a day job?  Incredible!)

Here’s the post I made, from Google cache:

Shore leave…

OK, kids, I’m off the clock for a bit… I tried to chip in as a Moderator in the last few months, put in a few hours a day, do a little clean-up and bring in some new talent. I hope you noticed. 

I’ve got a couple of projects I’ve been working on that are getting some momentum, and one business that’s poised to hit the fan bigtime… very exciting, but nothing to do with electric motorcycles or even green tech, I’m afraid. (I know there are some people who are muttering “Thank the LordBabyJeebus, he’s finally shutting up…” )

Unfortunately the only way it seems I can keep from getting sucked back in to a daily ElMoto fix is to shut my membership down. Admitting you have a problem is the first step, right?  …so I’m not doing it to be a drama queen, it’s just that I’m an ElMoto slut and have no self control.

Hell, half the reason I’m posting this is just to keep myself honest… 

If you’re looking for me, you can always get me at ted (at) evmc2 (dot) com, and on the site,http://www.evmc2.com, which I’ve been trying to keep going, but sadly has slowed down as well. No doubt I’ll be one of the lurkers, unless of course I can’t control that either, and have to put Parental Controls on myself.

Have fun!

A couple of days went by, and I still hadn’t been pulled from the ranks, then, suddenly they shut down my membership and all my content got deleted as well, apparently accidentally.  So two months of posts got trashed.  Not only my own posts, but any threads I started were erased as well, along with all of the contributions to those threads.

Fortunately some of the content is still available in Google cache, so to keep it all in one place I’m going to print it out and dump it here so I can sort it out as I need it.  Here it is:

Meanwhile, lesson learned.  Back a couple of years ago, ElMoto did an “update” that corrupted the database, with no backup, thus erasing over 3 years of work by some of the most knowledgable EV motorcycle builders around.  A huge lot of them gave up and went off to other places, and a few of us tried to rebuild and welcome some new members.

Hey, everybody makes mistakes, but a second time, for me personally?  In the words of my Dad, if I didn’t learn something from that, there’s nothing anybody can say that’s going to teach me anything.  Never again will I spend my time, (5 years, in fact) trying to build up someone else’s resource site without any personal control or ability to manage and archive the information.

Yeah, I’m a little pissed off.  I’ll get over it.  The most hilarious part of the whole thing is how, the very same day, I got hit up asking if I wanted to help him put together an ElMoto podcast.  More of me spending my time working on his site for the sheer pleasure of it.  The irony of the request apparently eluded him.

For my part, I think I’m going to lurk over at Endless Sphere, where there are some guys that I really enjoy are building some amazing bikes.  Yeah, there’s a lot of activity that’s not motorcycle-related, and a lot of noise, but that’s how you get ideas vetted and get advice that’s outside of anyone’s particular box, right?

It’s funny. I keep going back to Endless Sphere. Less to contribute, and more to read and learn. One guy called it the “brain trust of the EV movement”, and like it or not, he’s right. From building top-notch race bikes to even designing and building their own BMS, motors, and even entire motorcycles from scratch, they’ve done it all, and you get a lot more perspective on things than just one guy who wants to be the smartest kid in the room.

Hope to see you over there if you’re doing a build, looking for help, or just want to share…

(Edit: More lost threads here.)


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