Bell Custom Cycles (Brutus) Confirms Pikes, Hints at Bonnie, Has Funding


I wish I had time to write more on this, but I just got this email with this rendering of the final paint on the Brutus V2 race bike:

Hi Ted,

We just got the email today that confirms we have been accepted to race Pike’s this year which is awesome. I dug pretty deep and have funding for the rest of the year, so money shouldn’t be a problem now either (out of my own pocket as has been with this whole adventure lol). So if we do well at Pike’s we will put Bonneville on the schedule too. Jeremiah is really excited and we do have a realistic shot at the 200mph club.

Just an update, but I am damn excited to be where we are and just wanted to say thank you again for your honest opinions, criticisms and help. It is truly valued and won’t be forgotten, EVER. Also we have been playing with the render and here is where we are at with it, as always it will change before we are done and your opinion matters so fire away.

Cheers and happy V day


Great news, Chris, and congratulations!


Update: Battery and other information

Specific to the race bike-

  • 298v max 255.6 nom
  • 12.8kWh
  • Motor 100kw (130hp 172ftlbs@motor)
  • 6000+ rpm

Street version will get same motor but –

  • 17.8kWh pack with 10kw charger on board(it fits with room to spare)
  • 21.7kWh pack with off board 10kw charger

“The performance should prove better when we get the bike dyno tested.”

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