The OMGggoPet! (Go-Pet Upgrade)


So, isn’t this cute?

I saw this on the CraigsList for a kind of silly amount of money, and it sounded like the batteries were just bad, or wired wrong.  Which was the case.  I offered to fix it, and the guy just pretty much gave it to me to get it out of his garage.  Fair  enough.  Another EV saved from the crusher.

It had, apparently, a few fried circuits that affected the 12V stuff, which I just pulled off-line since I don’t have any need for lights and a horn.  The thing is sold, actively, to the warehouse market for a tidy $800 – $1200, and can do around 15mph, stock.  I’m not sure about that, but I got mine up to 12mph, clocked by the local speed trap.

Here’s a little video of it doing some derpy front-wheel burnouts and wheelies.

Here’s another little vid using the GoPro chest mount:

Now, with a 48V SLA pack of something like 7ah they’re claiming a 20 mile range, which I doubt, but I happened to have a 58V 2kwh lithium pack looking for a home.  The front hub motor is rated at 300W, and couldn’t really pull itself up, well, any incline at all, so I figured an upgrade was in order.  I happened to have a nice little 800W hub also looking for a home.  Here are some photos of the whole thing starting to come together:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The goal?  The summit of Mt. Washington, of course!


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