Brutus Announces ’14 Pike’s Bid, Releases Worst PR Ever


Yeah, so, I’m a writer.  I write a lot of ad and press release copy, and, no, I don’t feel like it’s something that just any fairly literate jamoke with a computer can throw together.  Call it pride.  The guys put their heart and soul into building these bikes, it will always be a wonderment to me that they don’t think they’re worth having a professional write their ad copy.  Here is the Official Release as it appears on ElMoto.

With that in mind, I just had to sharpen my pencil and do it right.  Or at least a bit better.  Here’s my version of the Brutus press release (completely without authorization from anybody at Bell Cycles).  If you’re interested in using it, be my guest, but please give me credit.

Brutus Electric Motorcycles Announces Pike’s Peak 2014 Bid

Brutus, of Bell Custom Cycles teams with veteran roadracer Jeremiah Johnson of Team Be-EV Racing.

January 31, 2014
Henderson, NV

Today, Brutus Electric Motorcycles announced they will be unveiling their new V2 Rocket electric race bike at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, Colorado Springs, CO, June 29, 2014.  The V2 Rocket has been in development for over a year, and was designed and built as a platform for motorcycle racers who are interested in entering electric motorcycle racing on a state-of-the art competitive machine.

Brutus Electric Motorcycles is building on their experience of making a great motorcycle for riders who want something different, and lends itself to personalization. The V2 Rocket will be available as either race-prepped or as a street-legal custom bike.

The V2 Rocket will be powered by a 9″ DC motor and a 20kWh lithium pack. It weighs in at 545lbs, in race trim.

“Jeremiah’s contribution to the V2 Rocket project has not only made it a better machine, it has allowed Bell Custom Cycles to expand its line to include racing electric motorcycles.

From our initial conversation I knew I had to have Jeremiah pilot the V2 for its debut, as well as the many more competitions to come. With Jeremiah’s breadth of racing experience and Team Be-Ev.Com behind him, I am confident together we will have a spectacular showing for 2014.”

Chris Bell
CEO Brutus Electric Motorcycles

“When we started designing our V2 Rocket, the team at Brutus wanted someone with Jeremiah’s passion, skill, and knowledge to pilot our debut into the world motorcycle racing scene.

As a technical racing advisor, Jeremiah has helped guide our design and develop the V2 Rocket into what it is today: a flexible platform for racing or street riding that will deliver reliable and exciting performance.   

We’re excited to see what the partnership of Brutus Electric Motorcycles and Jeremiah Johnson of Team Be-Ev brings to the world of electric motorsports in 2014.”

Gene Seymour
CTO Brutus Electric Motorcycles.

Contact Information

Bell Custom Cycles/Brutus Electric Motorcycles:

CEO Chris Bell Henderson, NV
(702) 419-8094

CTO Gene Seymour Tacoma, WA
(206) 290-8325


About Bell Custom Cycles:

Bell Custom Cycles (BCC) is a family-owned business formed through our love for motorcycles and a common bond all riders share.

Early in 2010 Chris started building and fabricating the original Brutus motorcycle after 2 years of development. It was unveiled late in February 2011. Our motorcycles are hand made in America, and we carefully select as many American suppliers as possible to insure quality and consistency.

We have worked hard to build the Brutus Electric Motorcycle brand and proudly stand behind our entire product line and the products we use. We believe in conservation, recycling, and independence, values that are incorporated into every motorcycle we design and build.

We believe our electric motorcycles are among the best in the world. Our goal is to combine cutting edge design with technology into a very comfortable package whether you ride a cruiser, sport bike, or something in between. With a mind on the aftermarket and custom options, we feel making a Brutus tailored to individual needs will always be part of every design. Together we will make the Brutus Electric motorcycle brand an American Classic for the 21st Century.



One of several proposed paint schemes.



Johnson gets his first look at the completed fairing.


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