Nissan Leaf 2011-2013 Batteries (Dept of ME TOO! ME TOO!)


Yeah, everybody’s all a-twitter about this Leaf battery deal.  And probably all a-Twitter about it too…  don’t spend much time over there, so I wouldn’t know. So I just had to post about it too.

At best I’d call it a “Sketchy Battery Deal”, since I’m not sure you really know what you’re getting or who or how it’s going to be backed up, but it’s through a site that does hybrid car sales and repair: Hybrid Auto Center.  Their page for these packs is here. OK, the price seems really good.

If you want to buy them, you can via their eBay store, here.

I kind of want to hate this deal because it forced me to actually watch Jack Rickard for about 5 minutes.  Then everything went black.  I woke up two days later.  Here’s the clip, just because that’s the kind of guy I am.  Start it about 25 minutes in, (yes, MINUTES of your life you otherwise will never get back), and I’d suggest you keep the fast forward button at the ready for your own protection.

What is, actually, really interesting is the eBay page gives some fairly detailed specs on the cells and pack.  That’s about the only reason I’m giving this any traction at all.  It’s the first time I’ve seen any detailed information on the things, anywhere, especially in one place.


Number of cells 4
Construction 2 in-series pairs in parallel
Length 11.9291″ (303 mm)
Width 8.7795″ (223 mm)
Thickness 1.3779″ (35 mm)
Weight 8.3775 lbs (3.8 kgs)
Output terminal M6 nut
Voltage sensing terminal M4 nut
Module fixing hole diameter 0.3582″ (9.1 mm)


Cell type Laminate type
Cathode material LiMn2O4 with LiNiO2
Anode material Graphite
Rated capacity (0.3C) 33.1 Ah
Average voltage 3.8 V
Length 11.417″ (290 mm)
Width 8.504″ (216 mm)
Thickness 0.2795″ (7.1mm)
Weight 1.7624 lbs (799 g)


Lots of photos, too:

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