“Reference” Category Added



One of my wife’s favorite comments about someone who overlooks the obvious is, “I don’t know if he only has one stick, or he has two, but hasn’t figured out how to rub them together…”  Well, when I stumble on my own posts while Googlin’ information on EV design and specs, that’s kind of how I feel.  I’ve collected a bunch of information here, even written a book, but I still forget what I have.

The funny part is, you see this phenomenon on the forums pretty frequently.  Presumably people post lots of information and data there so people can use it, but nobody seems to use the Search buttons.  Consequently, you get not only noobs asking the same questions over and over, but you get the regulars trying to answer them…  over and over.

I thought it’d be helpful if I added the category “Reference: Comparisons and Spreadsheets” to sort out the information I had on decisions like, “Which battery is better (cheaper, lighter, has more capacity, like that) and “Should I run dual motors or a single whatever-is-the-flavor-of-the-day-motor?”

So here you go: Reference: Comparisons and Spreadsheets.  I’ve credited all the sources where I’ve been able to, and as always, if you see anything you think would be helpful or is wrong, let me know!


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