TTXGP Timeline (sans Drama edit)


In the words of a friend, if you eliminate the “he said – she said” of the TTXGP timeline, the story gets pretty simple.  What looks like an idea hatched by three guys on the Isle of Man (one would like to imagine over a few pints at the local) got picked up by Azhar Hussein, promoted, and taken to the rest of the world.  Not without drama and controversy, hyperbole and posturing, but hey.  That’s racing isn’t it?

Most of the basic information came from the Wikipedia page, but a good deal of details were culled once again from the coverage at Autoblog Green.

The first race was in 2009, and here’s the trajectory:

2008 TTXGP promoted by Azhar Hussain.  Peter Hindley,  Brian Hammond proposed the idea of a zero-carbon TT motorcycle race on the Isle of Man to the IOM government. Phil Corlett had separately also been talking about the idea in 2008 and before.
Nov-08 TTXGP announced, TTX 01 bike “commissioned” by organizers.
Mar-09 Mission, Evo announce bikes, TTX 01 withdrawn for IOM TTXGP
Jun-09 Full list of 24 participants in IOM TTXGP released:
Mission Motors PRO 3A Thomas Montano
  Kingston University OPEN George Spence
  EVOdesign PRO 3A Paul Owen
  MotoCzysz PRO 3A Mark Miller
  KillaCycle Racing /Lightning Motorcycles PRO 3A Alan Connor
  eROCKIT PRO 3A David Madsen-Mygdal
  Barefoot Motors Racing PRO 3A Chris Petty
  Imperial TTxGP OPEN Chris Palmer
  Brammo/BIKE PRO 3A Roy Richardson
  Team Agni PRO 3A Robert Barber
  HTBLAUVA – TGM PRO 3A Paul Dobbs
  ManTTx Racing OPEN Dan Kneen
  TORK OPEN John Crellin
  XXL PRO 3A Thomas Schoenfelder
  EVOdesign PRO 3A Olie Linsdell
  Electric Motorsport OPEN Chris Heath
  Electric Motorsport PRO 3A Roger Maher
  Peace e-rider OPEN Antonio Maseo
  Brunel X-team PRO 3A Steve Harper
  Brammo/BIKE PRO 3A Mark Buckley
Jun-09 TTXGP held at IOM: one-lap, 37.733-mile (60.725 km) race for racing motorcycles “powered without the use of carbon based fuels and have zero toxic/noxious emissions.”
Nov-09 TTXGP announces first US race at Infineon, May 2010
2010 TTXGP and FIM split over dispute, replaced by TT Zero at IOM, Hussain organized races in NA and Europe with world championship in Albacete Spain.
2010 TTXGP announces Rules Wiki
2011 TTXGP series expanded to include Australia
Jul-11 FIM and TTXGP combine forces for the first time for FIM MotoGP World Championship Round at Laguna Seca.
May-12 TTXGP added eSuperstock class to the original open and TTX75 classes.
2013 FIM and TTXGP announce they would be joining forces to create the FIM eRoadRacing World Cup. The first FIM eRoadRacing season was announced with races at Laguna Seca, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Circuit de Valencia, Le Mans, Oschersleben and Miller Motorsports Park with a world final expected to take place during the latter months of 2013.
Aug-13 Miller Aug 31 and Sept 1 races cancelled.
Nov-12 “First-ever” FIM eRoad Racing World Cup winners announced: Ho Chi Fung (European series) and Eric Bostrom (US series)

4 responses to “TTXGP Timeline (sans Drama edit)

  1. Great summary.

    One small but important distinction: eSuperStock is an award, not a class. I _think_ this means the winner gets a trophy/plaque but no prize money.

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