The Vectrix Timeline


In poking around the early days of electric motorcycles, Vectrix comes up constantly.  Back in 2007 and even a bit earlier, the electric scooter idea was catching on and Vectrix was the heavy hitter – and the bike that all the emerging electric motorcycles were being compared to.  Now, I don’t much like scooters, but I feel like I’d be remiss in talking about electric motorcycle history without talking about Vectrix.

There’s so much to the timeline I wasn’t able to add much detail on the individual models, plus, of course, a lot of the individual models seem to have never seen the light of day.

Here’s what I’ve got.

Date Corporate
Sep-06 Vectrix announces new facility, early 07 scooter release.
Oct-06 Domain transferred to Vectrix.
Dec-06 “Maxi-scooter” (NiMH batteries) reviewed.
May-07 “Maxi-scooter” released in UK
Jul-07 First Maxi-scooter delivered in US
Aug-07 Vectrix announces VX-FCe fuel cell scooter
Nov-07 Vectrix Superbike shown in Milan, Vectrix announces “ZEV” home delivery.
Dec-07 NYPD test Vectrix
Jan-08 Vectrix reguatory announcement: In ’07, Vectrix built 2,002 vehicles (the $12,000 scooter model), sold 123 resulting in  $819,000 sales, $54m losses.
Jun-08 Vectrix indicates Lithium Ion battery pack testing.
Aug-08 Vectrix drops prices from just under $12,000 to $8,795 for the ’07, and $9,395 for the slightly improved ’08.  Sales increase to 1000 units for year to date, and increase from 5 dealers to 50 in US, plus 75 more worldwide.
Nov-08 Vectrix announces VX-1, VX-1e and VX-3 (3-wheeled maxi scooter) for ’09 release.
Dec-08 ROBRADY wins Red Dot Design Award for Vectrix electric superbike
Jan-09 Vectrix debuts VX-2 and VX1e
Mar-09 Vectrix “will not be able to publish its Report and Accounts for the year ended 30 September 2008 until, inter alia, the successful completion of a fund-raising exercise.” causing the London Stock Exchange to halt trading of the company’s stock.
Jul-09 Vectrix laid off nearly all of its employees, likely headed for bankruptcy in 30 days.  ROBRADY wins two Green Good Design Awards for Vectrix two-wheelers.
Sep-09 Vectrix filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
Nov-09 New Vectrix picked up by Hesketh Motorcycles in the UK, GoldPeak Batteries International announced the acquisition of all assets
and certain liabilities of Vectrix Corporation ($5 million, comprised of $1.75 million in cash and the assumption of up to $3.3 million in liabilities).
May-10 Sales of VX-1 apparently resume, plus VX-1 Li (lithium).
Jan-11 Vectrix launches urban electric VX-2 scooter.
Apr-11 Vectrix “triples it’s product line” with VX-1 LI and VX-1 Li+ and VX-3, in addition to VX-2.
Feb-12 Vectrix re-introduces Superbike, aims for 200 pre-orders.
May-12 Vectrix to distribute through Peirspeed National Dealer Network.
Dec-12 Daimler subsidiary, smart, teams with Vectrix for 2014 e-scooter.
May-13 Vectrix model VX-1 Li/Li+ named European “e-Scooter of the Year” by CleanWeek 2020


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