Zero Motorycles’ Timeline

electricross drift

Well, this was interesting.  Since the Wikipedia page on Zero wasn’t posted by Zero (or a hired writer) it’s a little thin.  However, leaning heavily on Autoblog Green, there’s a sizable amount of information on Zero’s corporate and product history.  Here’s what I have.  The “incept date” (yes, Bladerunner is my all-time favorite movie) is, curiously, a stab, based on the Wayback Machine and a search for both Electicross and Zero’s domain names.

I was recently asked what I’d need to see to convince me that a company was committed to developing, producing and selling products (vs., oh, say, grooming the company for attracting investors and fattening up the management’s net worth).  A trajectory such as this would be a good start.

Date Corporate Model X, MX Model S, DS Model XU Racing
May-06 Electricross Drift launched.
Jun-07 Zero Motorcycles founded by Neal Saiki, former NASA engineer.
Aug-07 Model X introduced
Mar-08 Zero Motorcycles looking for funding to keep up with demand.
Sep-08 Zero sells out of ’08 models, promotes ’09 model X
Oct-08 Zero announces X upgrades
Dec-08 Model S (street) announced, with ’09 target release date
Feb-09 Zero announces 24hr Electricross
May-09 X gets mid-cycle bodyork “makeover”.
Jun-09 Model MX (motocross track) launched Model DS (dual sport) announced
Oct-09 X and MX models recalled due to throttle glitch Model S shipment delayed due to overheating motors
Dec-09 Zero entering 2010 TTXGP at Infineon May 14-16.
Jan-10 Zero Motorcycles raises additional $5.5M in funding Model S starts shipping in volume
Feb-10 Founder Neal Saiki leaves daily operation.
Mar-10 Zero hires Buell VP Eng. Abe Askenazi.
May-10 Zero Agni win first race of TTXGP North America
Jan-11 Zero announced plans for new manufacturing facility built alongside Zero’s corp. headquarters.
Mar-11 Zero raises $26 million; looks to ramp up U.S. production Zero introduces the XU (Urban Crosser)
Jan-12 Zero introduced the ZF9 Power Pack with the Zero S & DS
May-12 Zero announces a 240% increase in year-on-year 1st quarter. sales
Sep-12 Zero Motorcycles recalls 315 of its 2012 model year S and DS.
Oct-12 CHAdeMO fast charging announced for 2013 S, DS, X, FX, XU.
Feb-13 Zero starts shipping 2013 models
May-13 Zero has its largest single-fleet sale to the city of Hong Kong.
Jun-13 Zero MMX developed for US Special Forces.

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