Awesome RC Lipo Manufacturing How-It’s-Made (Video)


This is an awesomely cheezy, but remarkably informative video showing every step of the process of RC lipo battery manufacture and testing.  It’s done by Revolectrix, an RC battery company I hadn’t heard of before, but with a site here.  Revoletctrix.  It looks like they ship out of Singapore, but have A123 cells in the “US  Store” – a quick check looks like their prices aren’t much of a bargain, but, like I said, I really don’t know much about them.

Caution: If you don’t want your brain to be infiltrated by a catchy, two-finger-on-the-keyboard-with-precussh soundtrack, turn your sound off now.  But then you’d miss the awesome commentary explanation bit.  Seriously, who needs production values when you have truly interesting content?   Seriously.

2 responses to “Awesome RC Lipo Manufacturing How-It’s-Made (Video)

  1. Yup. Way more informative than Nissan’s professionally produced video of robots building batteries, with no useful commentary whatsoever.

  2. That is a great video. I like all of the quality checks along the way so they are not continuing to handle bad cells through the process.
    However it is amazing to me how manual the process is other than the original roll out of the cathode and anodes it seems every step is guided by hand. I can totally see why with full mass production the prices will drop for these Lithium batteries.


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