The Brammo Timeline


I’ve been getting some interest in revisiting the Brammo company trajectory (from people who have said they want me to back up my seeming “haterade” comments in the recent past).  I’m also dabbling in a “Compleat History of Electric Motorcycles” – which is starting to look more like a cross between a Duck Dynasty episode and a how-to guide for money laundering and investor bilking – than a chronicling of the development of a new drivetrain and transportation technology.  Don’t get your dander up, Brammo fanboys, I’m talking about the entire industry here, including the motorsports faction, not just your precious Brammo.

I tried to stick to the facts.  Draw your own conclusions, but if I get the facts wrong, please, by all means, let me know and I’ll correct them.

So here it is.  Primarily this is simply from the fairly complete Brammo Wikipedia entry, but I’ve reformatted it so you can follow the corporate, model and race timelines more easily.  Since that entry was made by a paid (by Brammo) source, you should stop by the Wikipedia Brammo discussion page too, to get some perspective on the entry.

Date Corporate Enertia Empulse Racing
Sep-02 The name “Brammo Motorsports” registered with the state of Oregon
Apr-04 Brammo applied for a trademark of “Pro GT” and hired Brian Wismann as the lead designer prior to building the prototype.
Aug-08 The name “Brammo, Inc.” was registered
Sep-08 Brammo raised a $10 million round from Best Buy, Venture Capital, Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital, and others
Nov-08 Brammo Enertia makes official debut in Wired Magazine
Aug-09 The Enertia began selling at select Best Buy locations
Jun-09 Brammo entered two modified Enertia motorcycles in the TTXGP (first year of the race)
Oct-09 Shocking Barack: Dave Schiff (CPB) and Brian Wismann (Brammo) ride from Detroit to Washington in publicity effort to give Obama an Enertia.
Jul-10 Brammo announced the Empulse line of water-cooled electric motorcycles, with models 6.0, 8.0, and 10.0
Sep-10 Brammo announced an agreement to outsource motorcycle production to Flextronics
Oct-10 Brammo announced a new model of its Enertia: the Enertia Plus.
May-11 Brammo announced two new models of electric motorcycle, the Engage and the Encite. Best Buy drops Brammo. Brammo announces re-design of Empulse, includes transmission, delays release until 2012
May-11 Brammo’s Empulse RR racing motorcycle won the first two races of the TTXGP North American Series,
Jul-11 Brammo announced it had entered a partnership with TTXGP to provide race-ready motorcycles for the TTXGP for the 2013 season.
Sep-11 Brammo’s Empulse RR racing motorcycle takes third place at the TTXGP race at Miller; its position and prior points earned it TTXGP North American Champion.
Sep-11 Brammo acquired European bike rental company QuantyaParx
Oct-11 Polaris Industries announced an investment in Brammo.
Jan-12 Brammo seeks approval from Ashand OR. to build two headquarters buildings and a motorcycle track
Jun-12 Bramscher announces intention for $1B IPO
Jul-12 Brammo announces purchase of Talent, OR. Walmart Brammo signs Shelina Moreda as spokesperson/rider
Oct-12 Steve Atlas won the 2012 TTXGP World Championship at Daytona
Dec-12 First Empulse R delivered
Jan-13 First Enertia Plus delivered
Feb-13 Shelina Moreda shown riding Engage, yet in following months Engage and Encite models are removed from website.
Nov-13 Bramscher sets 2015 IPO goal, speculates about prototype electric car
Jan-15 Polaris buys Brammo Motorcycle business

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