Quantya: Continued (or not)


At the very least this might be considered “typing myself smart” and straight-out internets gossip, but it seems there’s a whole lot more to the story of Quantya than I reported in my previous post.  Cool photo above, huh?  That’s from the Quantya home page, which is the Swiss company, which I now know was, at the end of it anyway, a separate company from the US Quantya.

Apparently Quantya US, based in New York, was the US distributor for Quantya.  Since they were playing to a different market, they had a different perspective on how things should be done and what they needed to sell bikes.  I heard, through the thinnest of grapevines…  a grape tendril, honestly, that the competition between Zero and Quantya on the race circuit was a particular sticking point, and it likely hung on a dispute between the Swiss-based company and the US-based company on allocation of resources, in the “attraction of competitive riders” department.  Basically they had a hotter bike at one point, but nobody who could compete, and then they didn’t have a hotter bike anymore.

In any case, the US faction had not much to show in the way of sales, were getting beat up by Zero, and, by all accounts, had a fair amount of tension between them and the home planet.    By the time they split up, I hear it was not pretty, but yeah, that’s just old-lady gossip on my part.  In any case, after they split the US company had literally nothing to sell, and has all but vanished.  The two main players, David Lodermeier and Dario Trentini aren’t showing much activity online, for what that’s worth.

Interestingly, I also heard that many of the people in Quantya Switzerland were Italian, not Swiss.  Go figure.  Max Modena?  Yeah, I know, I’m getting on to some pretty thin ice…

Ultimately the question is, are they still making and selling bikes, and what about VRone?  If they were at EICMA 2013, then they weren’t under either the Quantya or VRone name, that’s about all I can say.  There is a listing for them on the SwissMoto site for the February 2014 show, though…  here.   Look for “VR One”.

I’m sending out query emails to both companies, but I’m not holding my breath…  stay tuned.

In the meantime, here’s a little video.  With all this speculation and thin logic, I feel like I owe you some candy.  This is the SwissMoto 2013 promo vid, complete with awesome dancing leather-clad biker-girl cheesecake and if you wait till the very end, you can see some cute little electrics.



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