History: Zero’s Debut

Screen shot 2013-12-30 at 9.21.19 AM

One thing led to another, and I’m starting to look through the “recent history” books, comparing the timeline between Zero and Brammo.  My own site is pretty limited, since I was casting all over the place, interested in just about everything from fuel cell bikes to Mission Babes, and I started writing about this stuff in around 2009.  The first Zero was launched two years earlier in a configuration that looks much like the Quantya of the time, and the BRD Redshift currently in the wings…  a light dirt bike.

So the first place I looked was Autoblog Green, and found this first story on Zero: Zero offers electric off-road motorcycle for $6,900

I also sniffed around another source- Zero’s own Youtube channel where I found this neat little video, also from 2007:

The first mention of the Brammo Enertia was in 2009.  Now to sniff around about Quantya.  What ever happened to them?


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