Electric Cargo Scooter? Yes. (Q Scooter)


These guys know how to sell a cargo scooter.  Yeah sure, they have a slick website here, and a Facebook page here, but when someone tells me they have a cargo scooter there’s only one question I have.


…and there’s the answer.  Three, by my reckoning.

Specs?  We don’t need no stinkin’ specs, though my guess would be that’s a 1.5kW hub motor you’re looking at, with a 48V or so lithium pack.  Let’s say top speed is around 50mph, range around 40miles.  How’s that.  Plenty of juice for a run out for a couple three cases and back, right?


One response to “Electric Cargo Scooter? Yes. (Q Scooter)

  1. So, the suspension loads appear to feed directly into an unsupported, cantilevered tube… Hmm… The bit thats “missing” (the cargo area) is usually where the rest of the chassis goes…

    I would imagine fatigue cracking of those tubes, never mind just plain floppy behaviour, would be the medium-term outcome.

    Kubo is *so* much smarter (and, no, I’m not affiliated with those guys).


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