Predator Drag Bike Rolling Chassis on eBay

Screen shot 2013-12-06 at 8.01.57 AM

Have you been really really good, for goodness sake?  Of course you have.  Here’s a choice bit of hardware you deserve.

This is none other than The Predator.  Yes. Holder of the NEDRA DMC/A CLASS AND DMC/A2 records, 7.84 @ 162 mph in Arizona to take the record from Killacycle. You get the picture.  This is being sold by Dice hisself – Jeff Disinger, electric dragracing legend, and it’s because he’s building something.  Else.  That you’ll be running against, should you choose to accept the mission.

The eBay listing is here.  The Predator Facebook page is here.  I did a post a while back with some cool videos, here.

Been talkin’ trash about how fast you could go, and how you could do it better?  Quit yo’ jibbahjabbah.  Now’s your chance to prove it.




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