Voxan Motors Unveiled (updated update with photos, specs and hot tattoos)


After some significant teasing and some very tight-lipped marketing, or, I should say, non-marketing, Voxan has unveiled their new bike at the Salon de Moto, Paris today.  I’m keeping an eye on Domenick for actual details.

(update: First story I’ve seen, with some awesome shots, here, on motorbiker.com.)

Here are some photos from their Facebook page, updated about 45min ago.

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Their site, www.voxan.com, shows a bunch of blurry background photos in a slideshow and a launch time of 8 hours or so from now.  3PM EST.  You know.  If you don’t have a life other more important stuff to hang every breath on.

It looks very large.  And what’s with the bald look?  I guess it’s very, uh, Monegasque.


update:  OK, I think this model is growing on me…

1012772_695522380472172_1022969388_n 1457678_695522620472148_1684268829_n

Updated update: Here are the specs they list on their website.

Type: Power Cruiser electric car

Technology: Lithium Ion
Energy: 12.8 kWh

Technology: permanent magnet motor
Max Power: 200 hp (7500 t / min 10 500 t / min)
Max torque: 200Nm (from 0 to 6000 rev / min)
Rpm max: 10 500 t / min

Setting: Packaging structural battery casing and self-supporting engine
Suspension Front: 43 mm inverted fork D
Rear Suspension: dual swing arm, dual shock absorbers
Rims: Carbon 18”
Tires: Michelin Commander II
Av 130/70/18
Ar 240/40/18
Brakes Front: 230mm D-4 disc calipers 4-piston (4D System Beringer)
Brakes Rear: 230mm disc D – 2 caliper pistons (Beringer)

Transmission by toothed belt width 35mm

Max speed: 170 km / h
0-100: 3.4 s
0-160: 5.9 s

180 km (NEDC standard cycle following)
Charging time: <30 minutes (fast 80% load)
Type of decision support: Combo 2

Length: 2350 mm
Height: 1015 mm
Width: 815 mm
Wheelbase: 1705 mm

Weight: 350 kg

Here’s their image gallery from the site.  They look mostly like renderings, and no updated with details of the innards…

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