The Ripperton Photobucket


Just sit down with a nice cup of whatever you are drinking this time of day, and thumb through these photos.  They’re here, in slideshow format.

This is the work of a man known only as “Ripperton”.  He’s obviously insane.  He lives in Australia.  But this is some of the coolest work you’ll ever see.  The photos are without captions, so if you want to know what’s going on and it doesn’t become obvious after a bit, then probably check out the thread on DIY Electric Car, here.  But he started with a Yamaha R1, and proceeded to replace pretty much anything and everything that said “Yamaha” on it with stuff he made himself.  That red drive belt even?  Chewed it out of a cast-off tire with his teeth, from what I hear.

Seriously, though, this is some masterful work, and some of the best documentation you’ll ever see and read.

Check out my post in 2012 for a little more information, here.



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