Belt Drive – Comet Kart, Gates: Pulleys, Belts Source


I just saw this site: Comet Kart Sales – a great supplier for belts and pulley stuff, if that’s what you’re into.  Which I’m not.  But some people are.  But not me.

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…why not?  Well, besides being a affront to All that is a Motorcycle, it makes things a lot more complicated for figuring fitment (isn’t that a great word) and lengths and stuff.  They’re quiet, sure, but no, they’re not any more efficient in the real world.  They also don’t require maintenance, right?  Because lubing a chain is so difficult.  So I keep it simple, because I’m a simple man.

Lubing my chain gives me one more excuse to fondle my motorcycle.  And I can enjoy fondling along with a beer.  Fondling?  Beer?  Win – win.

But I just know that if I don’t post this I’m going to be looking for it sometime in the near future…  about two days after the memory of the name of the site fades from my poor, tired brain.  So here it is.

Screen shot 2013-12-02 at 6.00.28 AM


Also, Gates PowerGrip GTP, here.




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