The Volta?


There’s something I really like about this bike.  I like it because I wanted to like the Brammo Enertia and the Zero S, but the Enertia is a glorified scooter, with flat, bicycle-like foot”pegs” and a feet-too-far-forward position to take seriously.  The Zero had a more motorcycle-worth rider position, but has all that tortured plastic.  Seriously, I have a buddy with a couple of Zeros for sale cheap, and it’s all I can do to not spend the last dime I don’t have to strip it and set it up the way a motorcycle should be set up.

When I first stumbled on this I was looking for the Voltra – not to change the subject but have a look at this:


Sexy, yes, but only a concept.  Which led me via the Google to the Volta – equally, in my opinion, interesting.  Let’s cut right to the sizable gallery:

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The Spanish bike appeared in Milan in 2011, as covered by Domenick on Autoblog Green, here.  I don’t know how I missed it.  It’s running around a 3kWh pack, so for a bike that size, with a “35hp” or so motor claimed, you’re getting a top speed of around 75mph and a range of around 40miles.  That’s cool, by 2011 standards, and with a simple motor/battery upgrade to 2014 standards (as in the new Zeros), you have a very sweet little ride.  At a speculated $9000, it was right there in the thick of it back then.  It’s running a 22V charger, so clearly it’s aimed at the Euro market.

I guess I just like the body work.  It seems functional, and even classic.  Elegant, even.  The tank is storage, as is the tail, and there’s just covering for the battery box, but it seems not the least bit contrived.

So the big question is, where are they now, and where are they going?  They have a Facebook page which was updated this year a few times, but not lately, here.  In the photos there you’ll see just about every imaginable color treatment of the bike possible.  Their website is here, with a few awesome videos of the bike actually running and stuff.  There’s another 2011 story on it in GizMag, here.


2 responses to “The Volta?

  1. Offtopic (slightly off), have you heard that Voxan (now owned by Venturi) will show an EV motorbike next week during Paris Motorbike show ?
    The teaser on the Internet shows that they use a blet like the Zero and and the Volta. I hope the French will succeed to bring back the brand.


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