The Electric Garage: The Parax Bike


This bike is gorgeous.  It’s out of the Engineering Department of the Islamic Azad University of Qazvin (Iran) and the Parax Green Vehicle Laboratory.  It was designed for an engineering competition I believe, from the ground up, and these shots are from Facebook showing the guys with the bike.  (More on the details of that competition, “Practical Exams” here.)

Here you go:

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There’s an enthusiasm there that is infectious.  Besides just wanting to caress that tank, I’d love to be able to talk more with these guys about the project and where it’s going.  So far, this is what I have, from Moheb Jazemi Yekrang, one of the students on the team:

oh,unfortunately there is not a specific website yet…as you know the acceleration and max speed and drive length depends on batteries and electric motor…we have used best kind of batteries in 2 type of formation..series and parallel…and also we have another type of battery with series formation with more power density and less energy density..we have tasted our motorcycle till 140 km/h .. but it can go 180 km/h …also we had a accident with 91 km/h with out any deflection in chassis!

this motor cycle is made for our national competition..but it is expandable by exchanging electric motor or providing more space for batteries..

So yeah, it’s clearly a work in progress.  Here’s the promo sheet they gave me with a few more details.  Click on it to get the full size.




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