Terry Needs Help: WinXP or Win7 Laptop, FL, ASAP STAT


I just got this word from Terry.  After everything he’s been through, software, of all things, could be the straw that stops him.  He’s got a new tire, and a new motor.  He spent all day in a parking lot, racing against the weather doing the mechanical work, and now this…

Please read this message:

So it has come to my attention (unfortunately) that the two computers we have, a mac (bun) and pc with windows 8 (me), not a single person in the world has gotten the Sevcon programming software, DVT to successfully run on. (that we know of). It is for win XP or Win 7 only.Hundreds of .dll files missing in Win 8, or a corrupt installation, but no one can tell me if anyone out there has even run it on win 8.

The motor runs but the sin and cos curves are not calibrated, and can’t be with out the Sevcon programming software.

hahaha one day things will be easy and run smoothly I hope! The unforeseen complications on this trip have been insane! And I’m a seasoned long distance electric motorcycle travel veteran! Things like the programming software not running on your computer is something I had no way of knowing.

Tried downloading over and over for hours, searching the internet for .DLL files. That part was harder than swapping the motor and we couldn’t get it to work. Going to run the bike uncalibrated, which means less power, and less efficient energy usage (less range) and more heat buildup in the motor possibly, but we have no other choice.

Call this Gates’ Revenge.

If you have any way of lending a hand with a WinXP or Win7 lappy, and, or, even better, have the Sevcon software and can meet up with Terry, contact him on the Off The Grid Facebook page.


2 responses to “Terry Needs Help: WinXP or Win7 Laptop, FL, ASAP STAT

  1. onr try can be to use Wine on Linux but i’m not so sure it will work , but first check if you are using “compatibility” mode on Win8 , there should be some setting in the app proprietys to run it in the WoW ( Windows on Windows) mode , this should emulate an environment good for older application , even win95

  2. Maybe find a used computer store, or check the local Crag’s list for used laptops?
    The company I work for has banned W8 from use on any company machines – it’s incompatible with our company manufacturing database.


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