Motor Swap, Zero: (Dept of Try This With a Gas Motor)


After a lot of this ^ the replacement motor came.


Step 1: Tip Bike Over

Here’s the new motor.  Just like the old motor.


Here’s what happened.  The vibration from the tire caused the cooling fan to come loose.  That painful grinding sound was the fan rubbing against internal parts it shouldn’ta been rubbing against.  “…without the tire vibration this failure probably wouldn’t have happened.”

Here’s that bad boy tire.  Check out the bulgy bit.


At this point, Terry’s installing and calibrating the new motor, and he’s enlisted a friend (well, OK, his DAD) with the car to get a new tire.  LIVE ACTION, 4PM EST.

Apparently, there was a problem with one of the crimps at the controller end, too.  Stay tuned for more details on that bit:


…and in the meantime, Terry said he’s trying to get this done before it starts raining.  Oh joy.




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