Lit Motors kubo


This strikes me as peculiarly American – and Left Coast American on top of that.  Here’s the Lit Motors site.  RideApart just did a big writeup on it, here.  And of course, they have a Kickstarter thing going for it.  Doesn’t everybody have a Kickstarter thing going?  (Oh, dear, Domenick’s going to be all bitchy if I leave out his story on Autoblog Green. OKokay.  Here that is.)

Here’s what the rest of the not-first-world does for the “cargo-scooter” concept.


Oh – a cheap scooter you can carry almost anything on, including passengers, that sells like hotcakes in any place but the US of A?  Got that.

See more of what the World does with a scooter on this awesome page: Never Ending Footsteps: crazy-things-on-bikes-in-vietnam.  (Looks like a pretty interesting site devoted to a woman’s travels across the globe.)

So yeah, Lit Motors.  I posted about their gyro-bike a while back and didn’t know what to think.  Well, it’s all falling into place now.  Let’s just say they’re not doing themselves any favors.


But yeah, I’m not much into scooters.  Not much into contrived design seemingly aimed at attracting money either…  but that’s just me.


2 responses to “Lit Motors kubo

  1. “contrived design seemingly aimed at attracting money” Ahh! So that’s what it is. And there was me thinking that the Lit Gyro bike was actually a Troll Art project designed to get them column inches in every tech, car and motorcycle blog.

    On the same basis, I think we should lump the Audi bike, Smart E-Bike and several others in a new classification. “Troll Design”. Especially those bits of vapourware that consist of a carbon frame, carbon wheels, outlandish performance claims, lots of photoshop and a huge price tag.

  2. Looks like no one’s home. This would have made the perfect bug out buggy. We were looking for a stealthy way to get around the city and yet carry a payload…………..bummer


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