Terry: Deep In The Heart of Texas


This morning finds Terry deep in the heart of Lyle Lovett country, and, apparently awesome charger country as well.  Here’s his photo and comment:

100 amp CS-100 Clipper Creek station in Iraan, TX. Can deliver 24,000 watts momentarily, 16,800 watts continuous from a single J1772 plug. Just plain awesome!


Before that:

Charging at 2AM at Fort Stockton RV park, with the 50A 240v, 30A and 20A plugs all tapped full tilt.

However, for the last couple of hours they’ve been running at about 30mph in thick fog, with only about 20′ of visibility in the early morning dark.  Not without a few deers throwing themselves into the road.  Last I saw they had plugged in to an RV park and were napping it out to dry out, get some rest and let the fog burn off.  They are tantalizingly close to the half-way point, Junction TX.

Here are some cool shots of New Mexico from Chelsea yesterday, along with the lovely sentiment from the KOA that charged $30 some-odd dollars for a charge.  Ah well.  For that kind of money, sure – “Come Again!”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

OK, let’s see what the weather holds in store today.  Low winds – around 10mph at most, with no rain showing, and some high pressure moving in.  Temps moving up into the 70s.


Screen shot 2013-11-17 at 6.24.40 AM

Could it be?  Here’s hoping Ernest’s singing in Terry’s ear:

Screen shot 2013-11-17 at 6.26.42 AM

(Terry Hershner and Chelsea Liggatt hit the road officially at 2:21 PM EST Friday, Nov. 15 2013 from San Diego CA headed for Jacksonville, FL in hopes of breaking several cross-country Electric Vehicle and Electric Motorcycle World records.  Follow them here, and at Off The Grid on Facebook and Off The Grid Live.)



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