While You Slept, Terry Kept… (updated)


…riding.  And, unfortunately, pushing.  Between Yuma and Tuscon they hit some huge headwinds.  This note from Terry:

Insane headwinds in Southwest Arizona. Locals around here say its never like this. A 30 mph headwind made me use energy at 70 mph like it was close to 100. Range was way reduced and even slowing to 50 after I realized it made it still use energy like I was doing 80. Came up a few miles short and charging on 110.

And from Chelsea:

18hours recap: unexpected headwinds caused us to run out of battery (55.5 volts) 5 miles outside our charging destination at augie’s quail trail rv park in gila bend… so we pushed Terry‘s 1,100 lbs motorbike at a phenomenal speed of 2mph for over an hour! and if that wasn’t enough, my iphone flew off the motorbike at 70mph and shattered the whole backside in addition to mucking up the camera lens (but at least it works)… but wait there’s more! (and then) 2 semi trucks shutdown the freeway after colliding into one another and spilling beer everywhere! YaY!

So they pushed for a couple of hours.  This shot, as of around 11PM EST (Friday):


Which gave them enough to find a Chargepoint station:

GOE3 ChargePoint station in Tuscon AZ putting out 12,680 watts! Sweet!!!


I think that was as of around 5AM EST (Saturday)  I’ll update more here as I get it.

Here are some more shots from Chelsea:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Updates: from Terry, just got this: “Interstate 10 has been shut down. No ones going anywhere for a while.” Apparently another accident, right on cue. Flashbacks?  Terry tried holding the bike up for a while, then had to park it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A quick check of the weather:

Screen shot 2013-11-16 at 5.28.22 AM

Looks like the winds have died down, but they may see a little rain.  I always get nervous when people from the Southwest say “a little rain”.

Screen shot 2013-11-16 at 5.30.40 AM

(Terry Hershner and Chelsea Liggatt hit the road officially at 2:21 PM EST Friday, Nov. 15 2013 from San Diego CA headed for Jacksonville, FL in hopes of breaking several cross-country Electric Vehicle and Electric Motorcycle World records.  Follow them here, and at Off The Grid on Facebook and Off The Grid Live.)



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