Terry Taps The Amps, Sets New World Record

Screen shot 2013-11-16 at 5.21.10 PM

After a bit of a slow day, with a KOA in sight, Terry was in the mood to bust it open a bit.  Who can blame him?  Just on the other side of that little New Mexico town is his old nemesis.


He just pulled in to the KOA a few minutes ago, but this is what I happened to see on the Glympse a few minutes before that.  It’s gotta be a World Record, right?  “Top Speed Attained While Riding Two Up In Cross Country Electric Motorcycle Record Attempt”, right?

At least I think it was Terry?  Maybe?  Officer, I swear, there’s no way that could have been OUR Terry…

(edit: I’ve been advised that “because of GPS delay glympse can be as much as 35 mph off”.  Yeah, that’s it.)

Screen shot 2013-11-16 at 5.46.46 PM

(Terry Hershner and Chelsea Liggatt hit the road officially at 2:21 PM EST Friday, Nov. 15 2013 from San Diego CA headed for Jacksonville, FL in hopes of breaking several cross-country Electric Vehicle and Electric Motorcycle World records.  Follow them here, and at Off The Grid on Facebook and Off The Grid Live.)


One response to “Terry Taps The Amps, Sets New World Record

  1. Hey Chelsea & Terry,
    I’m rooting for you two. Stopped in at WOW in Marietta, GA today to spread the word of your trip. The Vetter Zero is flying.
    Ride safe & have fun.


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