The Electric Garage: Shiun Craft Works’ Choppers Forever


Credit where due, this comes to my attention via Endless Sphere denizen sk8norcal, tilting vehicle and wackyboard afficianado, and dates back to 2009 or ’10.  Pure old-school vintage chopper deliciousness.  Moar fotos now:

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I know, right?

These guys are a custom chopper shop in Hyogo, Japan, and have been building bikes since around 2000.  This particular bike is set up with six 12V (lead) batteries running at 72V with what looks to me to be something like an AC15 motor (with nifty chrome endcaps on it): “Max Torq=104.4Nm.(7500rpm)”.  Sounds about right.  …mounted in what a buddy of mine would call kind of a “sideass” manner.  The controller is a Curtis 1238-6501.

From what I can (very loosely) translate, the guys are excited about electric vehicles and EV technology in motorcycles, but don’t want to forsake the classic, ’60s and ’70s vintage chopper style.  They built this to show that a 21st century drivetrain doesn’t have to ignore late-20th century style.  They ask, basically, when the age of gasoline motors is gone, will choppers be gone as well?  This bike proves not.  They also note that the bike was built in 2000 with a Shovelhead, and because they didn’t need to change the engine mounting hardware, it can be reverted to that at will.

Here’s their Facebook page, but it’s all gas choppers…  yummy, exquisite gas choppers.  The page on their site that talks about the “Choppers Forever” bike is here.



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