How To PAD – xOoterpod Gets a Motor (Example, With Precision)


After the first two posts I did, here, and here, on PAD I’ve been reading some comments about PAD (“Photoshop Aided Design”) being difficult for non-photographers, how you need an expensive camera or something and issues with it being imprecise.  I think nothing could be further from the truth, but hey, I’m a photographer. The secret is simply shooting the part-to-be straight on, and getting a good scale for referencing the final size of the image.

I’m starting work on the infamous and notorious xOoterpod, so I figured since I’d be doing it anyway, I may as well get the camera on it and show how I do it.  I’m making the shot with a cheap digital camera – a Canon S90.  Certainly nothing special.

Here it is, from shuffling around in my down booties in the leaves (only a short step to sweat pants or Snuggies from there), lying down on the cold, hard ground peering through the camera and mumbling to myself, to the final scaled drawing in Photoshop.

Between the booties, my horizontal-vertical orientation issues and my long-time number association problems, it’s some of my best work…  I’ll be monitoring the comments closely on this one I reckon.

Just for the record, here’s how it shook out.  The drawing the manufacturer gives for the spacing of the bolt holes?  4.1899.  I measured them with a caliper, physically, and got 4.186, just eyeballing the centers.  PAD gave me 4.191, (along with angles) so PAD trumped actual measurement.  Not too shabby, and a hell of a lot faster as well.


2 responses to “How To PAD – xOoterpod Gets a Motor (Example, With Precision)

  1. +/- a couple of thou is darn good and it’s easier moving a point on the screen than trying hold a set of verniers in place! Good demonstration Ted.

    So, are the booties insulated?


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